Official Street Team

Join the Official California Music Fest [CMF] Street Team today!

Go to to join our streetteam. With their point system and reporting system, you can be rewarded for your efforts and get cool CMF stuff, including VIP badges, kick-off party passes, and cool merch. For further questions contact:

How it works:
For helping us promote CMF we want to give you some cool stuff. We will send out tasks (which are called “Orders” on Fancorps) which you will be able to accept and complete as much as you’d like. In return we will reward you with Store Credits, which can be redeemed in the General Store.

As the team and this site grows great prizes and CMF swag will be made available…check back often!

You’ll be privvy to special announcements before the rest of the world as a CMF street team member and as we give out assignments, tasks and orders, you’ll be able to accumulate points to redeem in the store for CMF merch like stickers, posters, tshirts and when you’re a leading team member, you’ll also accumulate enough points to get things like access to the CMF invite-only kick-off party and VIP access!

What are you waiting for, get started today!