CALIFORNIA MUSIC FEST [CMF], in association with Ventura Recycling is working to make CMF a greening experience.

California Music Fest is going green this year with the help of Ventura Recycling new Sustainability Crew. The crew, will spearhead recycling efforts at the two-day conference and music festival July 3rd & 4th in downtown Ventura’s Entertainment District.

“As one of the largest music and lifestyle events in California, CMF is an opportunity for the Sustainability Crew to have a significant environmental impact in just two days,” “We have an energetic group of young individuals who are ready to implement change in the Ventura, CA area, and what better way to start than at a locally founded festival like California Music Fest.”

More than 25 crew volunteers will help man 8 recycling stations strategically placed in high traffic zones throughout the CMF grounds. The volunteers will ensure festival attendees throw aluminum cans and plastic bottles into appropriate recycling bins while educating the public about the importance of sustainable practices.

The City of Ventura Recycling will donate the 16 recycling bins to be used for the initiative. Festival officials project more than 10,000 pounds of recyclables to be gathered during the event.
“This is just one of many efforts we will be making in the coming years to create a more sustainable festival,” said Mark Rasmussen, co-founder of California Music Fest. “With more than 60,000 expected to attend this year’s event, there is a great need to recycle. We look forward to a successful green campaign and the collaboration with City of Ventura’s Recycling program”

The Sustainability Crew’s mission is to promote the best sustainable practices in the City of Ventura area’s public and private sectors while focusing on three key areas - education, government and business. The crew will bring environmental, economic and social benefits to the metro region through collaborations with other green-minded individuals and organizations in the area, as well as through the creation of new efforts, ideas and innovation where needed.

For more information about the California Music Fest recycling campaign or the Sustainability Crew, please call the City of Ventura..

About City of Ventura Campaign

The City of Ventura has a mission to promote the best sustainable practices in the Ventura, CA public and private sectors. The crew will focus on several key areas, including education, alternative energies, government, businesses and alternative fuels, in an effort to bring environmental, economic and social benefits to Ventura. The crew will collaborate with other green-minded individuals and organization, as well as create new efforts and initiatives where needed. The proactive nature and enthusiasm of City of Ventura Recycling members, along with their connections to local businesses and government agencies, will help them to make a strong environmental impact.

The City of Ventura Recycling is dynamic group of emerging young professionals with a passion for Ventura. For more information about visit the City of Ventura.


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